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Northeast Portland Guestroom and Bathroom Remodel

This bedroom and bathroom hadn’t been updated in about 4 decades as was evidenced by the incredible, sparkly orange wallpaper and the orange-tiled ceiling. The floor was old wooden planks. The bathroom was only a half-bath with a weird hole in the wall that led to the closet. In the bedroom, we removed the wallpaper […]

Northeast Portland Four-Square Kitchen

Our clients purchased a gorgeous, early-1900’s, two-story, four-square style house. It was clear that the interior had been altered quite a bit over the years, but it was in need of some major updates. They needed a complete Kitchen remodel because as it was, the kitchen was tiny, dark and incredibly inconvenient. Here’s the before: […]

Revictorian’s Alameda House

The folks at Revictorian had a gorgeous house that was in need of a bit of a facelift.They are real do-it-yourselfers so did a lot of the work on this project themselves, but there were a few things that they needed a professional’s help with. Aaron worked with them to update the look of the […]