Revictorian’s Alameda House

The folks at Revictorian had a gorgeous house that was in need of a bit of a facelift.They are real do-it-yourselfers so did a lot of the work on this project themselves, but there were a few things that they needed a professional’s help with.

Aaron worked with them to update the look of the front door and window, to recapture some of the original styling of the house.  Here’s the before:

We had nothing to do with the gorgeous paint job, but Aaron was responsible for the new moulding over both the front door and the window.
We built up the doorframe and made custom mouldings to match the windows on the side of the house. The client opted to move the light and replaced it with a brass-and-acorn-shade fixture.
It’s amazing what a vast improvement this change was.
Visit the Revictorian page for more info on this project. All photos courtesy of Valerie Fairlight of
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